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Monday Night

6:30 pm
Dublin Crossing 

466 SW Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC
call: (604) 428-8577

Come on over and join us for Monday Night Trivia at Dublin Crossing in Vancouver.

Located on the secong floor of the outdoor market at Marine Crossing, right beside the T & T Supermarket, this gem of an authentic Irish Pub is a fantastic place to host a trivia night.  Get there early or make yourself a reservation for your team!


With Vancouver Trivia Party - you are always guaranteed our best show with the most dynamic hosts and amazing questions! 


Get your teams together, come out and see us for our show each week!  Some of our questions are easy, some are hard, and some are downright REALLY HARD! 


Don't forger our motto - Eat, Drink and Be Brainy!

See you Monday Night!

Dublin Crossing 2.png
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