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Wednesday Night!


7:00 pm 
Hops - A Northwest Pub

48 - 8th Street;

New Westminster, BC
(604) 522-0011

When you get off of the Skytrain at the New Westminster station, and walk down the stairs from the train level, don't walk onto the street, turn LEFT at the bottom of the escalator and walk into Hops, A Northwest Pub for some of the best micro-brews in the Pacific North West!  

Hops specializes in these special brews from micro-breweries from here in BC, all the way down to California - so come in and try one, or three...

Wednesday Nights are also special here at Hops - because it is TRIVIA NIGHT!  Show time starts at 7:00 and it is always an amazing night with special drinks, food specials and prizes to the best trivia teams each week! 

So if you think you are smart and want to prove it - come and join us each week for the #BestTriviaShowinTown!  

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you here on Wednesday!  See you soon and don't forget to #EatDrinkandBeBrainy!

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