Bryan Nickel


Bryan founded Vancouver Trivia Party in 2013. What started out as something fun to host quickly turned into something more when he found that not only was he having a great time with his audience interacting every week, he was also helping his clients increase their bottom line. 

Now expanding into the corporate world with his experience as a trainer and sales manager with various companies, Bryan hosts team building and sales workshops that are fun and interactive.

When he's not doing trivia, he is a stay at home dad to his 3 kids having a great time exploring Vancouver every chance they get!

Clayton Bergquist

Clayton freelances as an emcee for conferences, weddings and awards shows.


He has over 20 years of customer service and event hosting experience for a first-class train journey, a dinner theatre company, an Olympic organizing committee, a professional association and a recreational curling league.


Clayton is officially "retired" from Trivia but you may see him at some of our special private events and sometimes filling in for us when we are in a bind!  


Three things that make him giddy are luxury hotels, chocolate and foot massages.

Emma Kuntz

Emma is an emcee and social activist.


Working in both entertainment and non-profit spheres, Emma finds a way to make people laugh and help them out at the same time.


She has hosted many events at UBC and was the Co-Director of UBC's F-Word Conference, an academic and community-centred activist conference, in 2015.

She enjoys beer with friends, great tunes and floral button-downs. 

David Wood

David (aka Woodsy) has been working in the non-profit sector for over 20 years working with at-risk youth and their families.  David enjoys the “live aspect” and social interaction that comes with hosting trivia and the beers, of course!


When not at work, he is usually running a marathon, competing in Tough Mudder type events, or attending music festivals & concerts.  David is an avid trivia buff and fantasy sports nerd who has been participating in pub style trivia games since he was old enough to drink.


In his down time, he enjoys spending time with his family and travelling.

Robert Bennett

Robert has been working with us for a few years and works for a school teaching young people how to work with computers and to do "Coding"!  He is an avid trivia fan and especially (as you can see from his photo) is into all kinds of Science Fiction.  When he isn't busy at home with the 7 (yes - SEVEN) kids, he hosts trivia for us. 

Robert keeps us on his toes as he is able to bring his own funny and charming personality to the Trivia Show each week.  

Robert is also taking a bit of a break from trivia so he can finish off his teaching certificate - yes - this man could very soon be teaching YOUR KIDS!

Best. Teacher. Ever.

Mike Unger.jpg
Michael Unger

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." Upon reading those words when he was eight, he was hooked on space. Though it wasn't until discovering Carl Sagan that he was inspired to be a science communicator.

Mike is the Program Coordinator at H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, the co-boss at Nerd Nite Vancouver (bar lecture series), and currently the interim manager of Sci-CATS (Science Communication Action Team).

He is also one of our regular hosts and fills in on numerous occasions when we need him!   He often is ready to go at a moment's notice and hosts a fantastic show!


Hayley is a Project Coordinator at the Vancouver Convention Centre and Freelance Producer.


Originally from the UK, Hayley has a cheeky British sense of humour, loves telling stories and making people giggle. She is a Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and Disney fanatic and loves games of every kind … and she can never turn down a challenge!


Hayley spent years working in non-scripted TV producing all sorts of programs including many a quiz show where she would audition contestants by playing the show host… she was particularly good at Ann Robinson from Weakest Link! So watch out!


She loves all things trivia and aims to have a fun night out every time she hosts.

Hayley Ashenden - Jones
Denise De St. Croix

Denise loves all things music and you can almost always find her listening to something.  Super eclectic in her musical tastes, you can find her listening to everything from Celtic, Opera, and Country to Alternative, Rock, and Heavy Metal.  Iron Maiden is her all time favorite band, Bruce Dickinson is who she wants to be when she grows up! :-)  It's because of this you will almost ALWAYS find her singing along to the music between questions! 


Loving all things trivia, Denise enjoys visiting different bars, meeting new people who also enjoy learning new facts or testing their own knowledge. 


Denise is a full time mom to two kids, a corporate career woman and entertainer at heart who can't wait to meet you!!

Jill Douglas


Jill is an HR Consultant by day and DJ Jilly Wonka by night. Lover of all things entertainment, Jilly has hosted party-bus pub crawls, burlesque shows, karaoke, and now trivia.


Obsessed with music, she is passionate about spinning good-time tunes at the shows she hosts.


She lives a scrumdiddlyumptious life seeking out live music, dancing

in the moonlight and exploring this awesome city.

Carlie McPhee


Carlie is a sexual health educator and project coordinator in research. Pretty much every job she’s had ends up being in front of a crowd, whether as a swim coach, sex Ed teacher or host!


Carlie loves a good laugh, meeting new people and a pint at the local watering hole. 

New Logo VTP.jpg
Justin Reist


Image & Bio coming soon!