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Thursday Night!
7:30 pm 
Toby's Social Pub 

1378 Main Street; North Vancouver, BC
(604) 315-7652

Does this look familiar?  That's right, the best trivia show in town at Toby's Social Pub is NOW twice a week with our second show of the week every Thursday Night at 7:30 pm.


We are hosting this extra special trivia night on Tuesday's and Thursday's from now until the end of June, as our favorite place to have a nice cold one in a beautiful Irish bar will be closing at the end of June! 


We are going to miss the amazing staff and the location where we have hosted this show even before the pandemic of 2020 hit!  

So, until the end of June, get your team ready, and come out to Toby's Social Pub for the best trivia night in town and a great place to unwind with an ice cold beverage and a meal with your game!  

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